Megan Beatie Communications (MBC) is a boutique book publicity and marketing agency based in Los Angeles.  


My reach is global and personal attention is at a premium.  I focus on representing a small number of passion projects, bringing each one a carefully considered and customized strategy while remaining flexible, nimble, and quick to react.

I design and execute campaigns from the ground up (pre-publication to long past release), utilizing print, broadcast, and digital media at the national, regional, and local levels to secure each book and author the widest possible attention.




Attorney and bestselling author of

the Samantha Brinkman series

Megan takes everything in stride,

never gets ruffled and handles my publicity with aplomb and wisdom.  

She maximizes every opportunity, has fantastic advice and is always there to help, to cover for me, to smooth things out, to do just...everything.

In short, she's phenomenal, and

it's a great pleasure to work with her.



Publicity Director

Disney Publishing Worldwide

​Megan has been an invaluable asset over the years.  Whether it’s providing last minute support on high-profile projects or planning and executing elaborate campaigns involving multiple businesses across the company, she is an excellent resource with key contacts at all of the top media outlets. Her professionalism and attention to detail make her one of the best in the industry, but her good humor and straight forward approach make her a delight.



New Yorker contributor and

author of Tennessee Williams

Megan Beatie is seasoned, strategic, forensic, and fun.  Socially astute and cool under pressure,

she operates with complete command

of both the work she represents and the media landscape in which she operates. It's money well spent.

Having put your life into your book, you want your book to have a life.

Megan Beatie delivers the goods.


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